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Because TAFINLAR + MEKINIST is a combination treatment of 2 different medications with different strengths, it’s very important to understand how to take it the right way.

The recommended dosage of TAFINLAR + MEKINIST is 2 capsules of TAFINLAR (the dark pink capsule) twice a day (4 capsules each day) + 1 tablet of MEKINIST (the light pink circular tablet) once a day (1 tablet each day).

It’s recommended that you take the TAFINLAR doses about 12 hours apart. Since TAFINLAR + MEKINIST is an oral treatment, you’ll take it by mouth—at least 1 hour before or at least 2 hours after eating.

Do not open, crush, or break TAFINLAR capsules.

Recommended daily dose of TAFINLAR + MEKINIST


Recommended daily dose of TAFINLAR + MEKINIST


Recommended daily dose of TAFINLAR + MEKINIST

Take MEKINIST at the same time each day with either the morning dose or evening dose of TAFINLAR

Capsules and tablet shown are not actual size or likeness.

Missed a dose of TAFINLAR + MEKINIST?

If you miss a dose of TAFINLAR and/or MEKINIST—don’t panic. Take it as soon as you remember.

However, DO NOT make up for the missed dose if:

It is important that you understand and follow your health care provider’s directions for taking TAFINLAR + MEKINIST. Do not change your dose or stop taking TAFINLAR or MEKINIST unless your health care provider tells you to do so.



  • Store TAFINLAR at room temperature, between 68 °F and 77 °F

  • Keep TAFINLAR and the drying agent (desiccant) in the original bottle to protect from moisture 


  • Store MEKINIST in the refrigerator between 36 °F and 46 °F

  • Keep MEKINIST dry and away from moisture and light

  • The bottle of MEKINIST contains a packet that helps keep your medicine dry. Do not throw away this packet

  • Keep MEKINIST in the original bottle. Do not place tablets in a pill box

  • Safely throw away MEKINIST that is expired or no longer needed

Side Effects

Read about common side effects of TAFINLAR + MEKINIST and how to manage them

Important Safety Information

TAFINLAR and MEKINIST may cause serious side effects, including:

Risk of new cancers. TAFINLAR, when used in combination with MEKINIST, may cause a type of skin cancer called cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, keratoacanthoma, basal cell carcinoma, or melanoma. Talk with your health care provider about your risk for these cancers. Check your skin and tell your health care provider right away about any skin changes, including a new wart, skin sore, or reddish bump that bleeds or does not heal, or a change in size or color of a mole.

Your health care provider should check your skin before you start treatment, and every 2 months while on treatment, to look for any new skin cancers. Your health care provider should continue to check your skin for 6 months after you stop taking TAFINLAR and MEKINIST.

Approved Uses

TAFINLAR and MEKINIST are prescription medicines that can be used in combination to treat people with a type of skin cancer called melanoma:

  • that has spread to other parts of the body (metastatic) or cannot be removed by surgery (unresectable), and

  • that has a certain type of abnormal “BRAF” (V600E or V600K mutation-positive) gene

TAFINLAR and MEKINIST are prescription medicines that can be used in combination to help prevent melanoma that has a certain type of abnormal “BRAF” gene from coming back after the cancer has been removed by surgery.