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Many organizations offer support and information for people with lung cancer. Some of the websites listed here provide information about health insurance issues and support programs available for people with non-small cell lung cancer. Several of the websites offer forums where you can connect with other patients and caregivers.

LUNGevity Foundation

The largest national lung cancer-focused nonprofit organization. Provides patients with lung cancer research, education, and support.

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GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer

A nonprofit organization founded by patients to help empower and educate other patients through all stages of diagnosis, treatment, and care.

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Lung Cancer Research Foundation

An organization in partnership with lung cancer survivors, advocates, researchers, health care professionals, and industry leaders. The website provides information about lung cancer types, tips on how to deal with diagnoses, and information about research-funding walks.

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A patient support-based website offering face-to-face, online, and telephone contact with oncology social workers, while also providing inspirational stories from patients.

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Cancer Support Community

A support-oriented site focused on improving a patient’s mindset and providing advice on how to live with cancer.

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The organizations and websites listed above are external to Novartis. Novartis does not have control over the information provided on these websites and, therefore, cannot guarantee their accuracy and completeness. Any information you receive from these sites should not replace the medical advice from your health care provider.

Important Safety Information

TAFINLAR and MEKINIST may cause serious side effects, including:

Risk of new cancers. TAFINLAR, when used in combination with MEKINIST, may cause a type of skin cancer called cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, keratoacanthoma, basal cell carcinoma, or melanoma. Talk with your health care provider about your risk for these cancers. Check your skin and tell your health care provider right away about any skin changes, including a new wart, skin sore, or reddish bump that bleeds or does not heal, or a change in size or color of a mole.

Your health care provider should check your skin before you start treatment, and every 2 months while on treatment, to look for any new skin cancers. Your health care provider should continue to check your skin for 6 months after you stop taking TAFINLAR and MEKINIST.

Approved Uses

TAFINLAR and MEKINIST are prescription medicines that can be used in combination to treat people with a type of skin cancer called melanoma:

  • that has spread to other parts of the body (metastatic) or cannot be removed by surgery (unresectable), and

  • that has a certain type of abnormal “BRAF” (V600E or V600K mutation-positive) gene

TAFINLAR and MEKINIST are prescription medicines that can be used in combination to help prevent melanoma that has a certain type of abnormal “BRAF” gene from coming back after the cancer has been removed by surgery.